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Accounting services

We provide accounting services for companies, with the preparation of all accompanying reports. Our services include mandatory financial statements, preparation of profit tax, value added tax and other tax applications, preparation of the Croatian National Bank report (if necessary), statistical reporting and preparation of annual final accounts, including notes.

Whether you are a micro, small, medium or large entrepreneur in domestic or foreign ownership, we can take over accounting outsourcing in its entirety or only a certain part of your business.

Our service includes the following:


  • Implementation of accounting processes

  • Registrations according to competent institutions

  • Accounting consultancy

  • Audit assistance

  • Preparation or assistance in the preparation of annual financial reports

  • Accounting services

  • Keeping business books (posting journal, general ledger)

  • Auxiliary records (register of fixed assets and other auxiliary books as needed)

  • Tax records (URA and IRA books)

  • Reports (customer and supplier account balances, analytics by cost center and other records as needed)

  • Reporting for management needs

  • Calculation of VAT

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