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Our payroll team can provide you with various types of payroll services. You determine the content of our service. We can take over the accounting for all of your employees or only a part of the employees, which implies additional discretion when calculating.


Free yourself and your employees from activities related to personnel administration.

Our payroll service includes the following:


  • Calculation of income from self-employment

  • Calculation of entrepreneurial salary

  • Calculation of salary in kind

  • Calculation of other income and royalties

  • Calculation of capital income

  • Annual calculation of taxes and surcharges

  • Formation of recapitulation and payment lists

  • Creating and sending the JOPPD form

  • Entry of payment orders for the payment of salaries, taxes and contributions

  • Preparation of all prescribed reports

  • Calculation and booking of travel orders and reports to the Tax Administration

  • Registration and de-registration of employees

  • Sick leave reimbursements (HZZO)

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