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TAP grupa

Dear clients

It is our pleasure to present to you the companies Technology accounting partners and Technology audit partners Istra, which make up the TAP group.


TAP Group is a brand that includes auditing, accounting and tax consulting services. TAP includes over 6 companies in the Republic of Croatia with offices in 3 key locations in order to provide their clients with the best team and the best work results.

We believe that our rich experience in providing auditing, accounting and tax consulting services can be useful to you when looking at all aspects of business, with the aim of making optimal business decisions.

Taking into account the high standards and requirements of high-quality services that are well managed and coordinated, and aware of the complexity of the client's business, we believe that our experienced team is able to provide you with the required services.

If you need our support, contact us with confidence, and our competitive financial offer will be structured in such a way as to provide you with top services at a reasonable price and with the aim of achieving long-term business cooperation. The financial offer will be based on our experience related to the volume of work in services of this type.

We believe that  our letter of introduction to provide every necessary information related to our approach to the relevant services and enable you to receive useful information at the right time and make the right business decisions based on it.

In the hope that we will have the opportunity to cooperate, we warmly welcome you!

Mato Marčinković 
Director and partner

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