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Tax consulting

Our tax team can provide you with advice on all tax matters to ensure the legal, proper and optimal application of tax regulations, tax planning and representation before tax authorities.

We provide strategic consulting services for tax planning, ongoing consulting services and representation of our clients before tax authorities.


Our tax advisory service enables optimally adapted business processes from a tax point of view, in case of status changes of the company and restructuring measures. The tax consulting service is adapted to all legal changes and their possible consequences, and we proactively advise our clients on the next steps needed to optimize tax activities. 


Our tax consulting services include:


  • Domestic and international tax advisory services

  • Representation in tax and misdemeanor proceedings before tax authorities

  • Expertise in tax cases

  • Participation in administrative tax disputes

  • Consultation and preparation of the profit tax return

  • Consulting and preparation of the income tax return

  • Consulting related to value added tax

  • Taxation of real estate transactions

  • Tax due diligence

  • Preparation of studies on transfer prices

  • Taxation services during M&A transactions

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